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“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”

Henry David Thoreau

Whether you love to paint and consider yourself “art able” or are a closet creative who has never used a paintbrush digital or otherwise; here’s how you can use the Insightful Art engine.

Discover your style:

Explore different art styles through images and patterns that say something about you, You will have your choice of intelligently matched images and patterns that you can compose together into your own individualized art piece that tells a unique story of who you are.

Express your creativity:

Depending on the template you choose to start with you’ll have the option to add your own photos or control the information used to truly make your Insightful Art your own.

Get to know your friends on a different level. Make them Insightful Art – the process is as simple as it is for you! >>>

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Want to just observe and enjoy?

Check out the Gallery to see what your friends have created and what their Insightful Art says about them. Give kudos or add your own interpretation to any one that you see and they’ll have fun seeing your reaction and your take on things.